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Data Export Service Deprecated

Data Export Service - Deprecation

Microsoft announced the deprecation of the Data Export Service April 2023 (Extended)

In this article Microsoft's Program Manager wrote that in November 2022 it will reach its end-of-support and end-of-life cycle. (April 2023 with application for extension)

Further he advices to use the new Azure Synapse Analytics service as a replacement.

I myself worked in a large project to replace and use the new Synapse Analytics service or DataFactory. During that proof-of-concept phase I figured out that for near real-time data updates or syncs the costs for used Azure resources for all the necessary pipeline runs are such high that a reasonable usage of this solution approach is not possible. My conclusion was that the DataFactory or Synapse Analytics Workspace is only a good solution for a few pipeline runs per day.

Looking for a suitable and payable solution I found Power Hub from Projectum, which I now love to implement and sell to my customers. Its easy to use, prices are fair and easy to maintain.

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