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Projectum Wave 1 2023

Projectum (Power Hub) released Wave 1 2023 Update

Wave 1 2023: Enhancing control of your Strategic Portfolio management with customizable features. 

For almost 20 years, Projectum has been a worldwide leader in improving companies. With Projectum, organizations can streamline decision-making and processes to deliver better results more efficiently. 

Projectum is proud to be a world-class provider of project and portfolio management solutions. 

As a Microsoft Partner, Projectum builds on Microsoft technologies with an increasing focus on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Updates, improvements, and new features are rolled out in four annual waves. Today we are presenting Wave 1 

We have released updates to all our products. Read on to discover the highlights and key features of the wave one release.

What If   
What If is our solution for portfolio simulation and impact analysis that allows the organization to make data-driven decisions.

In this release, we’ve added:

  • Easy access management: Now you can manage access to control who can use it and what they see.
  • Resource heatmap: we’re working on expanding the resource management track in What If. Resource heatmap gives you a quick overview of the capacity from the team planner to gauge whether it exceeds the requested amount. 

This means that What If is now entering the next phase of capacity management. What If will become better at aligning strategy with available resources and identifying bottlenecks. With What If, you can predict consequences and create mitigation plans. 

Power PPM  
Power PPM is our state-of-the-art end-to-end SPM and PPM solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform. Power PPM provides an overview of the organization’s initiatives, programs, and portfolios. Power PPM has an improved user experience in this update, providing faster load times and smoother interaction.

  • Optimized user experience: We’ve focused on improving the user experience by lowering the number of clicks to achieve your goals. We now support copy/pasting for tasks, making task creation fast and intuitive. 
  • Enhanced styling to improve readability: with simple design changes, we can now guide the user to editable cells. Totals appear slightly darker making it easier to decode. 
  • Collapse years and columns on load: Load program and portfolio financials without expanding the details.

Team Planner  
Team Planner is our state-of-the-art resource management tool, built to be flexible for the optimal responsive planning strategy.

In this wave, we’ve focused on improving the overview, providing more information in an accessible and easy way.

  • Resource heatmap: we’ve added an overview that shows free capacity with a simple color code. The resource heatmap is an easy way to identify bottlenecks and spread work across the organization.
  • Project Picker filter: Project Picker now supports filters like Resource Picker. This makes finding the right project based on relevant information a lot easier. It also helps a contact status filter – showing which projects have a specific status.
  • Contract Overview: A new overview that shows all contracts available to you; Project Managers can see all their contracts across all projects. Searching or sorting by specific properties is a great way to quickly find your most essential contracts.

Time for teams  
Time for Teams is a tool for time tracking that enables companies and employees to keep track of spent time and optimize their resource allocations. Time for Teams runs directly in Microsoft Teams and has been built to make it easier and more fun to do time registration.

In this wave we’ve added

  • Better configuration options: All configurations are now visible and accessible via the interface
  • Better Control of communication: Removing the option to comment on cells is now possible. Furthermore, you can add flags to highlight something to notice about the cell improving your communication options for time registration.

Power Hub  
Power Hub is your data foundation. Power Hub is a centralized database that consolidates data from different sources allowing you to store data that can be used for improved reporting and AI analysis.

Power Hub makes restoring lost data and projects possible, making it the ideal solution for any organization.

In wave 1, Power Hub focused on giving users complete control of their data.

  • P4W Dataverse support: We migrated MS P4W standard Power Bi reports to Power Hub. We have added the required tables in a pre-defined list/solution.
  • Configuration page: initially rolled out for specialized, complex solutions, our new configuration page allows you to control your solution further, such as configuring different source-specific configurations like retention period in months for historical tables, if it should use TDS endpoints, etc.
  • GDPR – data retention & purge options: We’ve made it easier to adhere to GDPR by making it possible to define the historical data retention policy and to anonymize user-related data.

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